Our Environmental Policy

Education, By Kate is a company that focuses upon children. This is an unsurprising fact, given that most of our students belong to this demographic! As a company, to paraphrase a popular song, we believe that ‘children are our future’. We are also incredibly concerned how, as a international community, our decisions are impacting upon that future, creating a future environment that is, at best, undesirable & at worst, uninhabitable. That’s why, as a company, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact in any way that we can.

Where possible, we promise:

  • to only print on recycled paper

  • to reduce the amount we prinT & Produce

  • to recycle Everything we can

  • to Only buy recYClable Clear plastic waLlets

  • to move from plastic class folders to CARDBOARD

  • To use recycled writing PaPer

  • to choose the Better environmental option, as many times as we can.

Here at Education, By Kate we believe that together, we can make a difference. If children are our future, let’s make that future worth living in.